Development is arguably the most exciting part of the property industry, but it is also the part that carries the highest risk. High quality research and information inform that risk and help to deliver value.
We will evaluate your development in the light of the needs of both your business and that of your potential tenants, recommending how best to optimize it in the light of your operational strategy. Typical services include:

Projecting the economic impact of your development using different configurations and market scenarios
Examining the environmental impact of your development during construction and over the lifecycle of the buildings
Looking at your development in the context of competing supply, market demand and comparable prices 
Analysis of labour markets within the catchment of your development with regard to skills, occupational profile and labour costs
Analysis of a your site in respect of its suitability for distribution use taking into account its reach and distance from sources of supply
Analysis of the communications infrastructure servicing your site together with a model of the likely demand for bandwidth generated
Data gathering and presentation of information for potential tenants on paper, on line and on CD

Download a .pdf developer services brochure here

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