The main output from the project will be a report of circa 100 pages.
In structure (a draft table of contents is attached) the report will set the industrial market in context using political, economic, social and technological frameworks.
The trends apparent in the industrial market will be defined and discussed and the sector split down into standard industrials, distribution warehouses and workshops. For each of these categories, the spatial and occupational characteristics will be defined and the drivers discussed.
Future expectations based upon survey data will be placed in the context of scenarios based upon legislative change, economic pressure, social considerations and new technology.
The conclusions will include a detailed analysis of the prospects for each industrial type including changes in patterns of demand, supply and implications for the performance of the sector.
The report will be launched formally at the end of the project.
Because this is a dynamic, fast-changing area, the content of the report will be supplemented by a website. This will act both as a platform for discussion and an archive of case studies and scenarios developed by the project. The site will have a secure content area for project participants only giving access to the survey data, but also an open area for interested observers.
The website will survive the project for a minimum period of two years and provide an ongoing framework for discussion.
In addition to the formal launch of the project report, a series of workshops will be set up to present the detail of the research and to foment further debate on the issues raised. These will be a mixture of sponsor-only and public meetings.

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