Driving extra returns from your portfolio can add significant value both to the assets themselves and to your business.
We will evaluate your property portfolio in the light of the needs of both your business and tenants and recommend how best to optimize it in the light of your operational strategy. Typical services include:

Analysis of your portfolio at lease level identifying opportunities for growth and risks to income and value in an economic context
Tenant satisfaction is an important aspect of retention. We undertake questionnaire design, interviewing, data analysis and interpretation of the results
Retaining customers is far more cost-effective than finding new ones. We develop and manage marketing strategies that target your tenants on your behalf
Detailed appraisal of the building technology in your portfolio together with recommendations as to how it can be made more cost effective
Assessment of your software needs through feasibility study, cost:benefit analysis, procurement and installation management

Download a .pdf landlord services brochure here

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