Growth in the scope and scale of telecommunications has been described as bringing about the death of distance. Wireless technologies erode still further the ties of place. Wireless technologies erode still further the ties of place. Advanced mobile telephony, wireless hotspots and facilitating standards such as Bluetooth are combining to deliver ever more capability to mobile devices be they laptop computers, PDA’s or mobile phones.
By freeing work from the shackles of a particular location “mobile work” holds the potential for radical change in working practices and thereby the built working environment. For property investors, owners and occupiers this begs a number of questions:

  • How will these changes affect the building stock now and in the future?
  • Will there be significant changes in demand for commercial or residential buildings?
  • Will buildings need to change in style or design?
  • Will the changes alter spatial patterns of occupation?
  • What opportunities exist for the Property Services sector to play a role in managing any changes?
  • Will mobile work affect the value of my building?

The objectives of this project are to address these questions through an assessment of the likely impact of wireless technologies over time and to bring together the key stakeholders from technology and real estate so that each can better understand the opportunities and challenges faced by the other.

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